Higher bodies of the Master-an Esoteric Teaching

In the last article I talked about building a second body, Maya-virupa, as a vehicle to be used by the initiate after transitioning from the physical plane life, through death, to the inner planes, the Ashrams’ of the Masters. As one makes great progress, the building of the second body takes on a more sophisticated esoteric knowledge.  In Esoteric Buddhism there are 4 types of ‘Maya-virupa’.





The standard Tibetan Buddhist translation of these terms, which are generally taught as the 3 bodies of the Buddha(Trikaya), is very different than the esoteric meaning.  For instance, Samboghakaya is usually taught to mean, enjoyment or blissful body.  What does that mean? From the esoteric stand point this body is created by the advanced initiate, usually… Continue reading