Suryc Nayr

Master R (Rakoczi)

My rendition of the Master R (oil on canvas) who is mentioned in Theosophical literature generally as the Master Saint Germaine but it seems that he now prefers to be known as the Master R. It is mentioned in the Alice B. Bailey works by the Master D.K. that the Master R now holds the position of the Mahachohan. He is a Master on the 7th Ray, Master of all the great mantra and ritual. He is very active today in the West. Many people seem to have lost faith in these great Masters and think, for some reason, that their time has past. Not at all! They are very active but on the inner planes inspiring and instructing those who are open, disciplined, and… Continue reading

Higher bodies of the Master-an Esoteric Teaching

In the last article I talked about building a second body, Maya-virupa, as a vehicle to be used by the initiate after transitioning from the physical plane life, through death, to the inner planes, the Ashrams’ of the Masters. As one makes great progress, the building of the second body takes on a more sophisticated esoteric knowledge.  In Esoteric Buddhism there are 4 types of ‘Maya-virupa’.





The standard Tibetan Buddhist translation of these terms, which are generally taught as the 3 bodies of the Buddha(Trikaya), is very different than the esoteric meaning.  For instance, Samboghakaya is usually taught to mean, enjoyment or blissful body.  What does that mean? From the esoteric stand point this body is created by the advanced initiate, usually… Continue reading

Awakening and other Esoteric thoughts.



I desire birth.

I am ready to be burned and consumed; for that

is what birth is.

I am ready to be naked and unprotected and to

suffer from my nakedness; for that is what

life is.

I am ready to make the pilgrimage through matter

in darkness and in fire, so that the circle of the

uncreate shall become one with the circle of the



The ordeal of fire which comes upon the soul immediately that the desire for birth is experienced, and continues while man remains man only, is the burning out and consuming of all alloy in the nature. When this is accomplished, the ego can effect the miracle of resurrection and re-birth into a higher state, and… Continue reading

Insights into the teachings of the Master D.K.

Momentum: The activity of the mental sheath and the gradually increasing rate of vibration is brought about by the inflow of energies of different kinds. These various factors, as they are brought to bear upon the mental sheath produces an increased activity and speed in the rotary motion of the individual atoms, and also greater speed in the progress of the entire sheath. This means a more rapid transference of the atoms of low vibration out of the sheath and the substitution of atoms of high quality. (page 1104 Treatise on Cosmic Fire) Master D.K. mentions that may times the deeper esoteric teaching is hidden in plain sight by what he calls ‘blinds’ that only drop away when you are ready to see what is… Continue reading


The Palchor Monastery in Gyantse was built in 14th century Tibet during the Ming Dynasty and belongs to the Nying-ma-pa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Only a couple of buildings remain to this day as many of them were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. Originally there was close to a hundred buildings. The main temple building with its priceless art and statuary remains fully in tact as it has for several hundred years. It’s amazing! From the outside you wouldn’t expect that it is a magical place, but on the inside where butter lamps are still lit, incense still wafts through the air and a sacred atmosphere still surrounds when you enter. I had seen a photograph of one… Continue reading

Dweller on the Threshold Part 1

The nature of this topic only allows for a brief description. It is too esoteric for the printed page and there are only a couple of books that hint at this topic in an esoteric sense. It has to do with the ‘Dweller on the Threshold’. This is an occult term to describe the totality of negative personality characteristics that have accumulated over many, many past lives that becomes the overall restricting obstacle to entering the Path of Initiation. Terms such as ‘shadow, kama-rupa, namdog, kleasa, or the nether personality’ are some other names of this element within the occult constitution of man. The soul when it is advanced enough causes an inner separation between the Essence (soul in-incarnation), Personality, and the DOTH (Dweller on… Continue reading

Most Sacred Science, MANTRA, OM MANI PADME HUM, Part 3

What is the deeper revealed meaning of the mantra, OM MANI PADME HUM? Usually this mantra is translated as, “OM the jewel in the lotus, HUM”. What does this tell us? Nothing! To understand this mantra involves a great deal of knowledge about the occult constitution of man and his relationship to deity. This is a blog so I will be brief and just give the basic points that an aspirant can use to further their investigation. To start, I will discuss each word of the mantra. 1) OM: The ‘OM’ is called in Sanskrit, ‘Pranava’. For a mantra it indicates that the origins of the mantra is from the source, the One Life and Light, Ishvara, Logos, or God. It further means that it… Continue reading

The Most Sacred Science: Part 2

In the last article I pointed out that a mantra is not just a string of words but the ‘sound body of a deity’. Before we go any further its necessary to get some idea of what a deity is. There are thousands of deities, Buddhist deities, Hindu deities, Norse deities, and of course the Greek gods. A deity is, ‘a crystallized immortal individuality’. Whereas a human is a mortal individuality. What’s the difference? Only the human Soul on its own plane has a relative immortality. This means that the human Soul on its own plane last till the end of a World period, manvantara. A deity, because they exist on the higher planes, buddhic or higher, can still maintain their individuality past the… Continue reading

Finding your Soul Mate

The search or longing to find one’s SOUL MATE is an inherent desire that usually awakens in a seeker who has begun the spiritual quest for self knowledge. When we have been struggling on the Path, studying various teachings, the urge to find someone who will share and walk the same path with us is a natural urge. Many of us have some vision or a subconscious image of what our SOUL MATE should be like. But what in fact is the real meaning of SOUL MATE or TWIN SOUL?

To reach a deeper understanding of SOUL MATE it is necessary to acknowledge certain facts; 1) We have lived many lives before this one. 2) We have been both male and female many times in… Continue reading

WESAK 2014

Instructions for WESAK 2014

I have taken part in WESAK festival meditations for the past 28 years. In all cases I was part of a group meditation. In the first years, our group of aspirants, rented a cottage or retreat centre for a 3 day WESAK retreat. We wanted the retreat to be very intense to help us focus as a group and build up the energies of invocation.

The first thing we did was determine the exact time of the full moon. This would be our main meditation. Then we timed every thing we did based on that exact time of the WESAK full moon.

This is just a short outline of our plan for the WESAK retreat: