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Our name – Northern School of Esoteric Wisdom – may appear to be new but its origins are hidden in this symbol of the Sanatana Dharma. The Ageless Wisdom was first introduce in the West through the teachings of Theosophy at the beginning of the 20th Century. For a short time Theosophy, as an alternative theology, introduced the West to the concept and possibility of the existence of higher beings, the Masters of Wisdom, plus Reincarnation, and Esoteric teachings. The more exoteric teachings of Theosophy made a very strong impact on society taking many years to percolate their way into the consciousness mainstream of social values. Reincarnation, meditation, and a spiritual life style have become common topics of discussion. Today thousands of people do some form of yoga and even meditate. Theosophy as a teaching is not the Theosophical society which has become entombed by its own thought-form.

An offshoot of Theosophy, which in fact is the same teaching, (so it is Theosophy), is the teaching given out via the Master D.K. through Alice Bailey(AAB), that became the Arcane School promoting the idea of World Service. A modern take on the Path of the Bodhisattva of Mahayana Buddhism. Unlike Theosophy, the work done by the Arcane School was via correspondence courses. There was wisdom in that decision but you have to know the dynamics of group work especially if sound of a specific nature is employed in a group effort on the physical plane. The Master D. K. knew the dangers and wanted to avoid the building of negative group thought forms attracting those lives that animate and strengthen them. Such results only lead to disaster. Instead the work initiated by AAB continues and helps many probationary aspirants start their studies but only in a very basic way. Without an Initate to manage the school, it too has crystallized into a stagnant form. The up side which is most important is that the books of AAB are still published in many languages, giving aspirants around the world access to the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom.

What is Theosophy?

Initially it was called “Esoteric Buddhism”. The root of Esoteric Buddhism is Vajrayana and the Tantras. These teachings even predate the historical Buddha and many appear to be a form of Indian tantric philosophy. Vajrayana is made up of 4 major Tantras, 2 called Father tantra and 2 known as Mother tantras. Since these esoteric forms of spiritual engineering were mainly in Sanskrit, Tibetan, or old Chinese, the knowledge they hid was not easily found except by a few scholars. Thus the knowledge remained hidden. Eventually some of these old texts were translated, first into German, French, and then English. Those few that were translated aroused a fascination with the hidden wisdom of the East.

The early writings of Theosophy took what was once esoteric and made it available to the public, thus making it exoteric. But the knowledge that was made available from, the “Wisdom of the East”, was only general concepts of esoteric philosophy. The deeper knowledge still remains hidden. It was up to the strong aspirant usually having to travel to India to uncover the true esoteric knowledge through intense searching, strong discipline, and with the right karma to find a teacher. The esoteric path, the ‘Heart Doctrine’ is not for the weak but for those few who are willing to hold up an impersonal mirror to themselves.

The spiritual path was seen as a lonely path for a few dedicated souls. Today, the concept of ‘Group Work’ is entering the consciousness of the seeker after spiritual knowledge. One can picture a group roped together slowly ascending a step mountain. The one furthest up the mountain guides and helps pull up those further behind. Each member of the team helps the one below them. Thus as a group supporting each other the mountain can be more easily ascended. The principle is the same for the group work.

Some 30 years ago, a group slowly began to investigate the Sanatana Dharma studying Theosophy, 4th Way, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Kabala. After several years of experimenting with different 7th Ray forms, a period of psychic phenomena began and the group was given a sacred word as an experiment by the watching teachers. We knew we were given something very special but initially we had no idea. It took years of more experimenting and through some unusual events that this gift opened a door to the inner world of group initiation. It was a new world as the books we read spoke nothing of it. There were hints here and there but they were only hints.

The Essence of the teaching is the symbol

It was given, not just drawn by someone. An entire teaching is hidden within this symbol. Its up to the aspirant to decipher it. But the symbol is much more. It has its exoteric form but also an esoteric life. The symbol itself is a key. On the lower planes the symbol has force. On the higher planes it has energy.

For those interested in the Group Work and are attracted to this symbol, who want to have the opportunity to go beyond the form side of life and enter into knowledge of the flow of life, this site is dedicated.

Welcome to the door of the Northern School of Esoteric Wisdom.