Northern School of Esoteric Wisdom

Esoteric studies are not for everyone. To enter the stream (strotapatti) is difficult. The picture on the right expresses an esoteric truth of group invocation. From Cosmic to Planetary, from energy to force, centering and alignment. An expression of Divine Law, Invocation, and Ceremony.

Group Work of an esoteric nature is a pioneering effort. Few groups actually break into the field of higher energies. When some do make the effort and start to pass beyond the lower planes, the downpour of energy can be too hot to handle resulting in group disharmony and eventual group disintegration.

What is needed is knowledge of the Science of Invocation, a 5th Ray Science that involves a deep understanding of Soul alignment. Successful invocation requires a vehicle that not only receives the downpour of energy but a vehicle that can hold the energy not allowing it to leak out to the personality. That’s why discipline in Group Work is so important.

The Mysteries

The secret key that opens the door to the Divine mysteries, the sacred Arcane sciences, is the ability to center at will in one’s inner point of personal identity, the Soul in-incarnation and build a receptacle to maintain the Divine energy/shakti. The personality cannot do this, yet it has to cooperate. What is the relationship between Personality and Soul? The Soul on its own plane has its reflection in the personality. This reflection, the Soul incarnation, the Essence, the inner Self is encased in subtle substance, thus it is attached to the personalities daily action, but asleep.

The Soul Opens Its Eye

When you start the search for spiritual understanding, it means this Essence is beginning to stir. As the search intensifies, aspiration awakens and the next step is to establish correct discipline, then the Essence becomes more active, exerting its influence, guiding the aspirant’s life to acquire a more spiritually balanced and conscious life.

Next you’re tested, as the personality life surges back trying to re-exert its influence. The battle of the astral plane begins. This is sometimes called, the battle field of Kurushetra in some esoteric books.

Overcoming the Forces of Resistance

The spiritual life direction of the Essence maybe very different than the desire life of the personality. That’s when the battle of the Astral Plane begins. Its is through this battle that the Soul in-incarnation, the Essence begins to separate from the personality. Then the Essence really awakens. You can now center in the Light of the Soul life becoming a Soul infused personality. You now begin to really know! The experience of awareness as a singular individuality within the mind (chitta), in the body, yet separate becomes a regular experience. This is the “I am” consciousness. The Essence becomes dominant in your daily activity, increasing in strength. Eventually you become aware of the greater Laws of Being.


There are 3 stages of awakening:

  1. See the Seer,
  2. Feel the Feeler, and
  3. Be aware of Awareness.

These are actual experiences. To ’See the Seer’ is to see that which sees, imagines, or visualizes, or chants a mantra. This stage occurs when the ’double pointed arrow,’ of awareness is an actual reality and sees in 2 directions at once.

Personality and Soul diagram

See the chart of Personality Soul on this page. It illustrates this relationship between the Soul on its own plane, connected to the personality via 3 threads, the Ida and Pingala, and the Sutratma. Divine energy is reduced to life force as it passed from the Soul to the personality. This Life force drives the life of the person. Each individual is composed of a physical body that exists on food (ana maya kosha), infused with Prana, sometimes called the etheric body (prana maya kosha), and then a mental/desire body (mano maya kosha). We think we are just a physical organism but it’s the invisible part of us that really drives our life.

Some of the topics that will be discussed shortly are:

  • In the future we will have a greater understanding of the relationship between Deity and Man.
  • What is a Deity?
  • How are they (Deities) invoked?
  • What part does sound (mantra) play in the Great Work?
  • Esoteric Group Work and sounding the Sacred Word.

For those aspirants interested in furthering their knowledge of the Sanatana Dharma, Ageless Wisdom based on Group Work you can contact us at the Northern School of Esoteric Wisdom.